Functionality / Modules

Recipe and Inventory Management

Integration of eLitePOS software with Inventory helps to balance customer expectation by avoiding under stock or overstock of items. The recipe and inventory management integrated with kitchen helps to track the quantity of item served, ingredient available and the out of stock items. Accusol’s POS software also manages recipe of different items enabling the chef available in the kitchen to prepare the dish without any trouble.


  • Daily stock consumption report generated
  • Provides up to date reports of item (available, not available, over stock, under stock)
  • Track of material demand, re-order level and closing stock of F&B
  • Tracks moving stock items inward / outward, material wastage, procurement and expiry dates
  • Track of material consumption and its automatic updation into inventory
  • Recipe management in Point- Of-Sale software is a very helpful tool in our system which track material as well as items that are over in the kitchen